Friday, June 15, 2012

Special Post for Returning Military Personnel

Finding a new job is difficult enough for the average unemployed worker, but imagine how difficult it is for all our military men and women who are coming home, just out of the service and looking for work.  Their military positions may have different names attached to them but many are identical to positions out in the mainstream job market, it is just hard for an employer to often realize that their skills and abilities are able to be crossed over into positions within their companies.

There is help for you veterans..... you need to be checking out this website which is specifically designed to assist returning military personnel.  They will be having job fairs all over the country and you can look here to locate a place near you.
If you live in Oklahoma.... act immediately for their job fair is coming up on June 19th.

I hope this information is helpful to all of you who so generously served your county.

I need to acknowledge and Leslie for posting this in her newsletter today. I am sure she would love to have you come visit her site and be pleased that I am sharing this information with all of you.