Sunday, May 15, 2011

Medical Professions Are Still The Way To Go!

I keep checking all over the Internet for new ideas for all of you who are still looking for positions to either work at home or work out in the brick and mortar world and the positions hiring continue to be those that are connected to the medical industry. This truly does make sense as our population longevity increases, these seniors will need more and more care. 

The other day, there were some lists created of what are considered to be the most currently stressful jobs and those that are the least stressful jobs in today's economic climate and I thought I would go ahead and post them for you here.

Careers with the greatest amount of stress:
Real Estate Agent
Advertising Account Executive
Photo Journalist
Sales Corporation Executive
Public Relations Executive
Commercial Airlines Pilot

Careers with the least amount of stress:
Software Engineer
Computer Programmer
Dental Hygienist
Speech Pathologist
Philosopher -  Teaching in college or universities
Mathematician - in an academic or government position
Occupational Therapist

I know that some of you are considering going back to college and are looking into professions where you won't have to worry so much about the economy pulling the rug out from underneath you in the future.  Hopefully some of these positions above will give you some ideas of new career paths to look at.

All I know is that I continue to read where more companies are planning some major cutbacks and layoffs which is not at all encouraging to the workforce who are presently without a job and have been looking for a long time now.
All I can tell you is 1. Don't expect to return to the workforce at a salary you were making prior to being laid off, if you have been out of work for six months or more. 2. Be sure to continue with your networking of friends, neighbors, former co-workers, putting out the "feelers" because what might not have been available several months ago may be available now. 3. Continue to follow up on all of your resumes to see if anyone is in a hiring mode yet and to let them know you are still interested. 4. Be willing to accept a lower starting salary than you originally thought you needed 5. Be willing to relocate if the opportunity comes along.

Some of us, are not able to have the luxuries of as many opportunities to either go back to school and change careers or to relocate if the opportunity came along. Many of us are no longer in the age brackets that prospective employers are looking at to fill their ranks.