Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Employment Outlook

If you have been reading the financial section for the stock market or your local classified job ads, it does appear that some jobs are beginning to rebound.  I would have to say that in our local area, it all seems to be in the fast food industry and some retail areas. I have not seen advertisements for hiring in the mid-management or management level positions or in highly skilled areas as yet.

Actually, with the retail stores beginning to hire now it is a good indication that people are having more money to spend, even if they are watching their pocketbooks for the best buys possible. It also appears that people are continuing to purchase products that are made in America vs. those made overseas in an effort to increase more jobs here in our country. Interestingly, many of the American made products are actually costing less or just a couple of pennies more than those made in foreign countries. I am glad that people are beginning to really watch the labels on products and buying American.

The idea of working from home continues to gain momentum. Some companies are actually finding it very cost effective to have their employees working from home rather than increasing the cost of their brick and mortar facilities by adding new buildings or increasing existing office space. They are learning that people can be just as dedicated to keeping a good work schedule at home just as if they were actually in the office.  Some companies are also opting to have their employees split their time between working at home and in the office.

A new mother with a small baby now to tend to can often have their employer work with them about letting them work from home. This is beneficial to both parties by making it possible for the employer to still have a productive employee, not having to train someone to come in to take her place while she is on maternity leave, but it also let’s the woman know that her position with the company is secure and they consider her to be a valuable employee.

Continue to use the information of the companies that I’ve listed on my sidebar for many work at home positions that are available. There are new positions opening up daily which will allow you to work from the comfort of your own home.