Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone

Ready………….Set………. GO!

Just a few more hours and this year will be history! If you are like me you are glad it is coming to a close and praying that the coming year is going to be better.

If you are still out there looking for work, I hope that you went ahead and did some job hunting before Christmas and that you are doing so right now as well!  Chances are there are going to be some openings in January and companies will be collecting resumes right now.

Many companies laid off people in December, especially if they had no intentions of keeping them this coming year. By doing so, before the first of the year, they will not have to continue to carry their records on their books this coming year. Companies are famous for layoffs about two weeks before Christmas!

If you are still not employed, take this time to reevaluate your needs vs. your desires as far as your salary requirements and the types of positions you are looking for. Take stock of your actual needs.  Can you cut some more corners in the way of expenses in order to be able to accept a lower salary?  Are you now willing to relocate?  Take a job that doesn’t have the fancy job title that you think you need to have? 

Predictions are that the job market is going to be a tough one for several more years and there will be an abundance of available workers to fill even the most menial positions.
It appears that there are going to be some sectors that will have increasing needs for qualified employees. Expect there to be increased hiring in the health care industry. This will include everything from nurse’s aids, LPN’s, RN’s and PA’s in various types of employment settings from nursing homes, traveling nurses, and hospitals to doctor’s offices and the new types of housing developments where there are assisted living facilities as well as full care facilities in one location. Elder care is going to be on the increase as our aging population continues to grow.

In the past I would have suggested that there is always a need for teacher’s assistants, teachers, firemen, policemen and other types of law enforcement personnel to work in the jails and the court systems, or any position in a government setting, But with cuts in funds to operate these needed facilities at all levels of government, I would not recommend these occupations at this time. The coffers are hurting at city and state government levels as well as at the federal level. Many City and State governments are reducing services because of lack of funds to cover salaries.  

Once again, brawn power over brain power may well be in demand. There will continue to be needs for good auto mechanics, plumbers and electricians. Not necessarily plumbers and electricians for new home construction but for taking care of needed repairs in existing homes. There may also be a demand for construction people who are good in handling remodeling repairs and changes to existing homes. Many people are deciding it is much more practical to put money into remodeling their existing homes rather than to try and purchase a new home in the present housing market. Again, look to an increase in work for the elderly who have decided to “age in place,” either out of choice or necessity. There will be work to do in making homes more wheelchair accessible, which will include widening doorways, adding safety bars in bathrooms and ramps outside to eliminate the need for navigating steps.

There is still work that will be available working on the Internet. Whether it is signing up to do surveys, which will bring in some money depending on how many you do per day, or writing articles for companies who will pay you to do so. You might also want to start a blog, such as this, where you share information with others and have affiliate marketing ads on your site that might be of interest to your readers. You won’t get rich quick but over time you might find this to be a nice source of some extra income and have an enjoyable time doing it.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Job Hunting in December

Many people think December is a horrible time to start job hunting when in reality it is quite the contrary.  Many businesses are getting ready to make employee changes, in fact many have already done their layoffs. How many people do you know who have been laid off two weeks before Christmas or the week before Christmas?  This happens when companies start their new fiscal year on January 1st. If they get rid of people after January 1st, they have to carry their names on their records for the entire upcoming year. By letting them go before the end of the year they do not have to do that.

Many companies are not actually “downsizing” their companies, they are just getting rid of “dead wood”!  So go ahead now and get your resumes and cover letters submitted so that they can be reviewed and possibly even have an offer of employment to begin on January 1st!

Good luck in your job hunting endeavors!